Monday, March 5, 2012

Modest Is Hottest Edmonton

Hi All! I just wanted to introduce myself as the new rep for Modest is Hottest Edmonton.  My name is Erin Aubichon and I'm super excited to begin this new adventure! I've been up and running for a month now and I'm having a really good time shopping and meeting new people.

So, I little about me!  I have been happily married to my dear hubbie for 13 years (wow) and we have 2 girls, Hannah who is 7 and Abby who is 5.  I'm a major much so that my Roddy let me take over the den.  I'm also a Stampin Up demonstrator, but I like to say that I am my own best customer. 

A little about the Edmonton store.  I have built a great store downstairs in my house for your shopping convenience!  I have a lot of different styles, brands, sizes however if I don't have the size/colour you were looking for I am able to order in most things. 

Next is a little Q & A, and you can find even more Q&A here.

Do you have a catalogue I can look through?

You can check out what I have in stock at our webpage:  You will be able to browse through the photo albums to see all the items I have available.  We don't have catalogues as our stock is changing constantly!!  You don't need to be signed in or a member of facebook to view this page as well.

If you are wondering what sizes/colours I have in stock, you can comment on any of the pictures and I will get back to you ASAP. 

We carry dresses, skirts, tops, cardigans, coats, layering tees and tanks and swimsuits.  We also have a great girls section!  Brands include Down East Basics, Diivine ModesTee, Mika Rose, William Riera and more!

When Can I Come Shopping and where are you located?

I post new hours on a weekly basis. These are times that you can just stop in without calling or setting up a time to shop.  This is great for those times where you have 5 things on your list and not sure if you'll make it by. 

These hours might not work for you, so please feel more then welcome to give me a call, text or send me a message and we can chat about a time that works for both of us.  I have a pretty open/flexible schedule so don't be shy to just ask.

I can be reached at 780-439-7366, as well as erin at aubichon dot com or send me a message or write on the wall on our facebook page.

I am located in the southeast part of Edmonton, just of 17th street in between the Anthony Henday and the Whitemud Freeway.  My address is 3428 25 Street.

How can I find out your open hours?

In order to stay up to date with us, all you need to do is "like" our page and you will be notified when I add new items to the photo albums and any news or updates.  I will be holding promotions time to time as well as I post regular hours.  I will always make the hours for that particular week stay at the top of the page.

Are you booking parties?

You betcha!!  Your house or mine, I don't mind.  I'm booking parties for April and I book them for Thursday, Friday or Saturdays.  See the Q&A link for more on this topic, frankly, why type it all up again when you can just click!

What if you don't have the size/colour I am looking for?

Just let me know what you're looking for and I will get back to you ASAP and let you know if we have it and if I can get it in for you.

Can I bring my kids?

YES!  A lot of my hours are during the day and all you mommies out there are for sure welcome.  I have a little play area set up beside where my clothes are displayed, plus a change room!  So you can shop and not worry about your little guys :)

What are your payment options?

I take cash or visa and mastercard.

Additional info:

All my stock comes from our main location in Lethbridge.  You can also visit our Modest is Hottest Canada page to see the items that are available.  If you spy something you love, but I don't have it on my page you can ask her for your size and if she can send it to me in Edmonton :)

Whew! Ok well that's all my brain can come up with at the moment.  If there are still burning questions you have, just ask!!

I'm sure excited to meet more of you and help you in shopping for great clothes that look hot but don't show a lot!!

erin :)
780-439-7366 (text or call)
erin at aubichon dot com (just to avoid all those spammers)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


LADIES.  We are having a contest!

Get your friends to join our Modest IS Hottest! Edmonton page, or Modest IS Hottest! Calgary page, and your name and theirs will be entered to win a $20.00 store credit. Just ask them to post on the wall with the name of who told them about us, and you are both entered!

Good luck!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Q and A Revised.....

Updated questions and answers.

1.What do I get for having a party?

Well, the percentages work as follows...$500 party will get you 5% in free product, $1000 party will get you 7.5% and $1500 gets you 10%.

2.How many people should I invite?

LOTS. If you want to have a successful party, you need to invite as many people as you can and tell everyone to bring a friend. I sometimes find that you get 1/2 the people showing up that said they would. So make sure you have a lot of people coming.

3. How should I invite people?

I find that facebook event invites work the best. If you need help creating one I can help you with that. When you have created one, message me the invite so I can post my link and everyone can see the clothes before hand and get excited about all the cute stuff. I can also keep track of how many people you have coming, and people can ask me questions. If you are not on facebook, I have invitations that you can send out to people or you can email them a link to this blog and if they are not on facebook they can still access my page and see the clothes from this blog. I will check with you a week before to see how the inviting is coming.

4. What days do you book parties?

Thursday nights from 7-9 pm

5. Is there a minimum amount of guests I need to attend?

If you have a party with less than 15 guests it will most likely not be a succesful party. I will call you a week before and if you have less than 15 confirmed, we will find a better date for you, or you have the option of bringing the party to my house. You still get the credit. I put about 6-7 hours of work in for each party. I also hire a helper for each party and my husband takes time off work so I can go, and after all the crazy gas prices if there are only a couple of people at your house, it is not worth my time or yours. I would be losing money and you would not get any credit for your efforts. So if you think you are not going to have a good enough turnout, please do not feel bad and call me and we can make other more suitable arrangements.

6. How does having a party at your house work?

If you decide that the best option is to bring the party to me for whatever reason, I can totally accomodate you. If you think you don't have enough space, or your house is under renovations or you just don't feel like cleaning...LOL. By all means bring the party to me. I will book a night for you and a minimum of 6 friends and you can have the credit. Any less than 6 and you won't get credit, but you can still shop to your hearts content. This time will be reserved for you and your besties, and you have a better choice of days to choose from as I don't need to hire help.

7. I just went to a party last month so I don't want to go to one next month cause I will see all the same stuff.

I get new stuff from DownEast on a monthly basis, you will always see something new.

8. How far will you go for parties?

I do parties in Calgary and close surrounding areas such as Airdrie and Okotoks. Any farther and you will have to bring the party to me.

9. I just want to shop on my own and I don't have time to go to someone's party.

I get this one a lot believe it or not. My business is not all about parties. I have a shop set up in my home and you can call me to book a time for yourself to come and shop to your hearts content. Give your self a good hour to come try stuff on or maybe 2 if you are trying on swimsuits:)

10. What if I buy a dress and someone else has the same one at church?

This one always makes me chuckle.:) It is a very common question. This could possibly happen with the Diviine ModesTee dresses and William Rierra as they have the same dresses all year long. You would probably already know if  someone has one of those dresses. Down East changes their stuff ALL the time. So the only time that you will likely see someone in the same Down East dress as you, is if they drove down to Utah and bought it there themselves.

11. What is your exchange policy?

You can exchange any non sale item, not worn and tags still on within 15 days for a credit.

12. I want to buy something for someone else but I don't know her size.

We sell gift certificates!!

13. Do you have a sizing chart?

No. The Down East stuff fits pretty true to size. We carry XS to XL and sometimes we get some XXL stuff in. Having said that, everyone fits everything so differently occasionally you need to go up or down a size, so you really have to try stuff on. Once you know your size and how you fit stuff, its easier to order. AND you don't have to buy something if you have ordered it to my place. If it doesn't fit that's okay.

14. I saw this really cute dress. Do you have it in my size?

I don't carry all sizes of everything but I can sometimes order it in. Like I mentioned before, Down East sends us new stuff all the time, and it comes and goes really quickly. So the minute you see a picture posted on the facebook page, ask for your size. They go quickly and then that's it. Occasionally we get more in, but not that often. You can bet you will see something else cute the next week you will like and this way there is less chance of someone else you know having the same stuff. We are always ordering stuff from the other companies though and they sell the same stuff all year.

15. What kinda of things do you carry?

We have dresses, skirts, cardigans, jackets, layering basics, denim, swimsuits, cover ups, board shorts, little girls clothes and accessories.

16. Which brands do you carry?

We are always getting new stuff but currently we carry DownEast Basics, Mika Rose, Diviine ModesTee, Lime Ricki, Hapari, Mod Bod, William Rierra and more....

17. How can I contact you? Where are you located?

Call me at 403 818-5013. My name is Katerina. Or you can email me at
198 Chapman Circle SE Calgary

18. What are your hours?

I work Monday to Saturday by appt only. Closed Sundays. You can try calling me right before you want to come though and if I don't already have someone shopping, you can come on over:)

19. Do you do mail orders?

Yes. Call Arlene or Wyatt Cook in Lethbridge. They are the owners.
Arlene 403 394-4914
Wyatt 403 894-8388

20. Are there any other locations?


Arlene and Wyatt in Lethbridge
244-30 St. W.
Lethbridge, AB
T1J 4S6

Erin Aubichon
3428 25 Street
Edmonton, AB

Lianne McMullin
#14 5660 10 St. NE (By Deerfoot Mall and Walmart)
Calgary, AB

21. What forms of payment do you take?

We take Visa, Mastercard and Cash.

22. Can I sell Modest is Hottest?

We are not a direct marketing company. We have only the 3 locations right now. Please call Arlene or Wyatt for any other questions about your area.

SO! Hopefully I have answered all your questions, but please don't hesitate to contact me for further questions...and at the moment I am booking into January for message me soon about a date you want.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

20 more winners!

10 more winners.

Congratulations to these people. Contest will end this friday at midnight, last chance to enter.

Emma Atwood
Jenn Barr
Kaisha Boehme
Tracy Mulholland
Jamie Loftus Badesso
Whitney Davis
Jodi et Daniel
Erin Brooker Cahoon
Sarah Joneson
Crystal Wilson

Congrats Ladies!!

20 more winners posted here. We have now given away a total of $3300 in gift certificates. This will end soon, but for now keep those entries coming. These can be redeemed at any of our 3 locations or by mail. Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton. Mail orders call 403-394-4914.

Pam Dong Yochim
Jill Williams
Brittany Hunter Leavitt
Amanda Nilsson
Skye Curtis
Laura Johnson Lane
Kassy Cook
Charity Stevenson
Kayla Harker
Shelly Burgess Onofrychuk
Jana Matthews
Charity Harmacy
Dana Harris Nelson
Amy Paul Hubbard
Tanya Selirio
Annalisa Harrison
Camille Tidmarsh
Lindsay Bullock
Pamela Smith Shaw
Jennifer Reeves.

Congratulations to all of you.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


Here are the first lucky $50 gift certificate winners. Please let me know if you redeem your credit at the Edmonton or Calgary locations, instead of at the Lethbridge location, and give me a call to do a mail order. 403-394-4914.

Nicolle Fehr Kabatoff
Bethany Stevenson
Kalina Lawlor Navratil
Amanda Dick
Stephanie Wissler
Erin Richardson
Jessica Lee
Andrea Nilsson
Brandy Kuehn
Danielle Lytwyn
Alexis Anderson Pratt
Kristin Williams Redekop
Liz Barnes-Woodruff
Brooke Binning
Brittney Lansing Boehmer
Heather Lawton Hall
Christine Forbes-Spencer
Julie Olsen-Leavitt
Simone Mason Dahl
Kim Kozak
Andrea Barnes
Tina Wagner
Jacquie Fleming
Christal Fenning
Lonna Johansen
Abigail Isaac Bennett
Amie Mendenhall
Krista Boehmer
Hailey Stuckart
Lydia Spencer Fredin
Alexa Vayro
Amanda K. Gordon
Sarah Sarvis
Michelle Frache
Cassidy Hansen Layton
Tineke Doeve

Thanks to all of you! Every 100 names we draw two more winners. Good luck to all of you!


4 more winners!
Sandra Lee Goetz
Laura Boehme Taylor
Marie-Noel Voyer-Camp
Dana Mountfield


6 more winners today! Keep entering, time is running out.

Michele Zobell
Tracey Beck
Leah Hobbs
Rebecca Dourte
Kim Fuller
Erin Aumack.

CONGRATULATIONS! 46 so far have won.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

$2500 GIVEAWAY!!

We are so grateful to all of our loyal customers, and we want to reward you! Many of you have been adding your friends to our facebook group: Modest IS Hottest! Canada. We love you for it, and here is your chance to get free clothes for doing it.

With the new group style, you can just add your friends to the group, and facebook will post a note on the wall saying who you are, and how many friends you added. We will then enter your name into the draw that number of times. Easy right? Every time the group grows by 100 people we will draw for two $50 gift certificates. Your name stays in until the end of the giveaway, so you can win at any time.

You can also get your name entered by booking a home party in Edmonton or Calgary, or booking a ladies night out at the location nearest you. Enter again by following this blog. Lots of chances to get entered.

Thanks for all your support. We want you to know we appreciate you!

Arlene.403-394-4914 Lethbridge.
Katerina. 403-818-5013 Calgary.
Lianne. 780-233-0895 Edmonton.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beautiful summer colours....Baja Blue and Sugar Coral

I haven't blogged about clothes in a while, so I figured it was about time. I have 2 dresses in mind that I love right now...
The Baja Maxi Dress in Sugar Coral and the Fresh Flowers Maxi Dress in Baja Blue. Such beautiful colours for summer! I love they way they feel as well. Very flowing and free. I have the baja blue one which is now my favourite colour in the world. I love to wear it with some sparkly flip flops and a cute headband with a rosette from Cocorose Couture.!/cocorosecouture
The detailed stitching is very unique on the coral one, and there are cute rosettes on the neckline of the blue one.
These can be worn to church or a party or just for fun to the beach in the summer. Very versatile. (There is rayon content in both dresses, so a caution when washing. Make sure they are washed in cold and hung to dry.)
Got a few left so come on over and try one on!!